Would you like to enjoy a personal relationship with God? “The Exchange is” a four week Bible Study that is designed to show, from the Bible, how to do just that. Nearly everyone who is honest wonders about how one can have a relationship with God and live with Him someday in heaven, but many people have no idea how to enter into such a relationship with Him. Others aren’t even sure what God is like and/or if He would want to have a relationship with them. This study is designed to show from the Bible what God is like and how we can enter into a relationship with Him. Lessons are designed to teach that God is holy, just, loving, and gracious. Thus, a balanced picture of the God of the Bible is presented that is unlike some of the caricatures of God that exist in our society today. The study also contrasts man to God and points out that man is sinful and needy but loved by God who does indeed desire to have a relationship with us. The study also clearly shows from the Bible how one can enter into a permanent relationship with his Creator and know it!

Cornerstone Baptist will be attempting to begin as many “Exchange Bible studies” as possible this year. Although we desire new people to come to our services, we also realize that not everyone will be comfortable coming to a church, especially not a new one! Therefore, we are offering to come to you at a time and place convenient to you. We feel the good news that the Bible offers about a relationship with God and the forgiveness of sins is far more important than “numbers” in our church. Also, four weeks is not a long or difficult commitment. Most everyone can afford four one hour sessions in their schedules. Therefore, if you are interested in participating in an “Exchange Bible study” with someone from our church please contact us and we will have someone get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Pastor Dave Greear