Opportunities to Build Relationships

Life is about relationships — our relationships with God and with each other. Cornerstone Baptist Church is committed to helping people build strong relationships with God and with others. How do we accomplish this?


1. Through Meaningful Worship

Our worship is a vibrant and important response to our awesome and majestic God. We believe our worship is to give glory to God. Enjoy our conservative, but fresh, worship in a nonthreatening and friendly environment where you can learn more about God and grow to have a close personal relationship with Him.


2. Through Life-Changing Messages

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have the map! The Bible is God’s manual for our lives. It is the key to any significant change (II Corinthians 3:18) in our lives. Because God’s Word is so vital for all of life, the public proclamation of the Word is the centerpiece of worship here at Cornerstone. Messages will be delivered with an expository emphasis which attempts to flesh out the meaning of the Biblical text. The messages you hear will be meaningful, relevant, and always Biblical.


3. Through Fellowship

Meeting together for fellowship provides opportunities for helping one another grow closer to God through mutual encouragement and edification. Cornerstone Baptist will feature intentional fellowship time each Sunday morning between the main service and a discussion time to follow. Other fellowship opportunities will regularly be provided for children, youth, collegians, and adults.


4. Through Small Groups

Relating to fellowship is our small groups. They meet to offer support and to study the Bible. The teaching is personal, and you will feel comfortable asking questions and getting involved. You will find friendship in your small group. The Bible will become real to you as we journey through its truth, learning what God has for each of us.


5. Through Family Emphasis

In an age when society’s pressures are causing families to crumble, we make family a matter of commitment. Cornerstone Baptist desires to be a safe haven where families can be fortified. We are committed to providing the instruction and resources for developing Christ-honoring marriages that last and families that model the relationship between God and man. “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Psalm 27:1).


6. Through Service

A healthy Christian is always a serving Christian. Since we believe that every member should be a minister, we strive to provide opportunities for service for every believer! This includes college students and single adults, who are often left out of service opportunities in many churches. Come serve the Lord with us!


7. Through Outreach

Because the good news of the Gospel was never meant to be hoarded, we believe in carrying the message of salvation to all corners of the world. Cornerstone Baptist strives to motivate and train each believer to share the good news of the Gospel with others and to further disciple new believers in the Christian faith. We are sold on discipleship! As much as is humanly possible we would love to see “every member winning one, every member leading one and/or every member following one!”