Cornerstone Baptist Church began on March 22, 2015 in central Raleigh north of the NC State campus. We desire to be a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church reaching many of the different demographic groups in Raleigh. We hope that young and old, American and international, scholar and blue-collar worker will all feel welcomed in our assembly. Though we are purposely locating near NC State with the ultimate goal of ministering to NCSU students (American and international) we are not attempting to be a “campus church.” We realize that a church must be built on families and we are striving to do just that in a location that will also be convenient for students from NC State and Raleigh’s other colleges and universities. 


Purpose Statement (The “Why”)

Cornerstone Baptist Church in Raleigh exists to glorify God through corporate worship and the proclamation of the Gospel and truths of Scripture so that disciples of Jesus Christ are made from all nations, edified, and equipped to disciple others. 


Mission Statement (The “What” - What part can I play?)

Cornerstone Baptist strives to fulfill its stated purpose through three simple ongoing activities. We encourage each member  to WORSHIP God, GROW spiritually, CONNECT with others. Or to say it another way: 

Worship: God is our focus

Grow: Christ-likeness is our goal

Connect: The world is our mission

Each future ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church should enhance one or more of these three missions: WORSHIP, GROW, or CONNECT.